As the association that exclusively represents the Nebraska wine and grape industry, the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association (NWGGA) is dedicated to leading the industry toward economic viability and sustainability.


Officers & Board of Directors

Voting Members include Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and six at large directors.  At large directors serve three year terms.  At each annual meeting two at large directors will be elected.  Secretary and Treasurer are two year terms.

Position Name Elected/Appointed Expire
Past President Eric Nelson 2015 10/18
President Theresa McFarland 2016 President 2017-18, Past President 2018-19
President Elect Ted Schekirke 2017 President 2018-19, Past President 2019-20
Secretary Connie Brittan 2017 10/19
Treasurer Clay Schutz 2016 10/18
At Large Member Josh Rockemann 2016 10/19
At Large Member Greg Nollette 2016 10/19 – filling remainder of Ted Schekirke’s term
At Large Member Ron Heskett 2017 10/20
At Large Member Richard Hilske 2017 10/20
At Large Member John Siebert 2016 10/18 – filling remainder of Brian Schlueter’s term
At Large Member Jennifer Reeder 2015 10/18

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