NWGGA July 14th 2013 BOD Meeting

9 am Holiday Inn I-80 York NE


Call to Order: President Al Vybiral called the meeting to order at 9:07   am. Members present Al Vybiral, Stefan Kegley, Connie Brittan, Nick McDowell, Eric Nelson, Kay Miller and ED Jennifer Montgomery.


Minutes: The minutes from the meeting were distributed via email. There were no additions or corrections.

Treasures Report: Wende submitted this report to board members via email. As of July 12th 2013 the NWGGA checking account balance was $ 70,869.64. Her report included attachments for the June Pinnacle Bank Statement, a June Reconciliation Summary and the year to date (1.01.13 to 7.14.13 )NWGGA transaction summary. A copy of these will be included as attachments in these minutes. Jennifer Montgomery noted that $31,515.43 from the NGWB was deposited for grant disbursements. Wende further requested that since the passports expire on May31st of each year that there be a deadline of June 15th for the wineries to submit their passport coupons for reimbursement. This request is in an effort to have a solid number regarding the passport coupon reimbursement in place and ready to present to the Grape Board and Department of Agriculture for grant finding.


As there was not a quorum, approval of minutes and treasurer’s report will be tabled until the next meeting



Executive Director: Jennifer reported that she attended the national wine marketing (License to Steal) and has made contact with a number of marketing directors regarding coming to Nebraska to give presentations on branding and the use of social media in marketing. She also attended the national wine policy conference in Washington DC and had the opportunity to promote the state’s industry through meetings with the Nebraska congressional delegation.   A wine tasting for congress, hosted by Wine America, served to highlight the national scope of the wine industry. She reported that the following grant proposals were submitted to the NWGB; $2000 for a Nebraska Grape Growers Survey; $14,200 for NWGGA Marketing, $60,000 for Executive Director’s salary and benefits; and $6,510 for the next component of the Wine Quality Assurance program. Jennifer has also worked with Cabelas on including Nebraska wine and winery products in executive gift baskets. She will meet with representatives from Cabelas to explore options to broaden a base for NWGGA working with corporations in Nebraska. Jennifer was pleased to report that Nebraska is developing a presence in the Wine America organization as, in addition to Jim Ballard being on the executive committee, she will be working on the subcommittee for a national advocacy day for wine industry and the subcommittee for state associations council. Grant invoices for July 1st 2012 to June 30th 2013 were submitted for reimbursement. We received a total of $31,515.43.  Jennifer also reported on progress with the State Wine Festival.


Committee Reports


NWGB Jennifer will get an update after contracts are signed.


2-4D committee Al reported that they met at senator Walman’s office. The next step is to move to the interim study. The committee has written a statement on the goal in interim study. A copy of this is included as an attachment. A hearing will take place this fall. The University has put out 2 videos. Jennifer is planning on attending field day with DOW in Missouri


State Wine Festival Jennifer reported that the committee is working with Blur Events out of Omaha are and details are being finalized for the NWGGA State Wine Festival to be held at Mahoney State Park on May3rd and May4th. She shared that the officials with the park are enthused about the project and intend to promote it though their marketing. Rooms at the Lodge have been blocked off and festival and lodging packages will be offered. The SAC museum has expressed an interest in hosting a VIP event. Jennifer will have more to report after the committee meets on Friday.



-Publication Update/Passport Update: Stefan shared the proposal from SCORR Marketing to develop and publish a lifestyle magazine as well as update and print the passport. A copy of this proposal is included in these minutes. There was considerable discussion on the scope and focus of this project and the consensus was that board members should provide input in developing a list of questions for Stefan to take to SCORR.

-Website Update: Joel and Jennifer have been tweaking the website. Future plans include a growers forum and mobile website. Jennifer discussed with Mick the process of updating the medal list. Jennifer will request that members update their medals on an excel worksheet and Mick will compile the information.


Old Business


Economic Impact Study: Jennifer reported that the NWGGA submitted proposal to do one but it was not funded. The last one was done in 2009 and Jim Ballard has noted the advantage of having a current one in place should the need arise to use the information on a legislative issue. Jennifer suggested that we have a revised RF{ for an Economic Impact Study prepared in the event that the NGWB has additional funds available this fall. Information gathered by Seth indicated that a UNL study would be approximately $10,000. Barbara Insel, who did National Impact Study, would charge $17,500 with updates being less. In discussion Mick suggested that an Economic Impact Study would be a lower priority for funding than marketing. He is hearing that members would appreciate more attention in the form of driving consumers to the Web Site and subsequently to the wineries. Jennifer sees that information from an updated study would be beneficial for advertising. Discussion on the topic did not come to a consensus and the topic was tabled until the next meeting.


Review of Motions passed via email

On June 30th 2013 Kay Miller presented a proposal for the development and implementation of an NWGGA Grower’s Council Online Discussion Board. A copy of this proposal is included as an attachment to these minutes. This proposal was emailed to BOD members and Al Vybiral requested a motion to accept the proposal. Seth McFarland motioned to accept the proposal, Stefan Kegley 2nd. After a period in which no discussion was initiated Al called for a vote and the motion passes with 6 yea votes


Open Board Seats

The position of president elect is still open. Jennifer asked for suggestions. Nick Ryans name was suggested by numerous board members. Al will approach Nick. Winery council chair is also vacant. Mick noted that we need to strengthen the committee structure of the association. Following discussion it was the consensus that Jennifer and this board develop a plan to have key committees with increased membership.


Grant Funding 2012-2013

The following were fully funded; ED salary, passport, WQA, Wine Festival feasibility study, and the purchase of glasses for the Wine and Jazz festival. The only reimbursement for education was for the 2-4D seminar. The seminars on amigo oil, ozone, and the safety council walkthroughs were not funded because the NGWB indicated the proposals were not specific enough. Seth is appealing this. NWGGA retains the funding allotted for the publication.


New Business

Grant Funding Report 2013-2014  

The following RFPs were funded: $10, 000 for education to include workshops on Value Added Producer grants, branding, social media, label compliance and grower specific topics; $2000 for grower survey; $14,200 marketing, which includes the passport; and $6, 510 WQA for wine faults sensory workshop.


Trade Show/Conference

This will be the last year for the event in Kearney. The 2015 Trade Show and Conference will be in or near Omaha. The plan is to promote that the 2014 as the last in Kearney. Jennifer requested that board members be thinking of possible speakers. Possible topics or Educational Programs include USDA workshops on VAP grant application process, an update on regulatory issues, mechanization, and SDL application/ festival operations.



Other Business

Kay addressed Jennifer on the issues of making by law changes (a change in wording from industries to industry). It was noted that any by law changes needed to be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting.


There was not a motion to adjourn. The meeting ended at 12:30


Respectfully submitted

Connie Brittan Secretary











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