NWGGA September 22nd 2013 BOD Meeting

9 am Holiday Inn I-80 York NE


Call to Order: President Al Vybiral called the meeting to order at 9:04 am. Members present Al Vybiral, Stefan Kegley, Connie Brittan, Nick Ryan , Eric Nelson, Mick McDowell, Kay Miller, Jennifer Reeder, Jim Ballard and ED Jennifer Montgomery.


Minutes: The minutes from the meeting were distributed via email. There were no additions or corrections.

Jim Ballard moved to approve the minutes from the July and April meeting, Jennifer Reeder 2nd and the motion passed.


Committee Reports

Executive Director

Jennifer submitted a written ED report via email and a copy of this is included in these minutes. She went on to report that she is receiving 2-3 inquiries a week from media sources. Nebraska Agriculture Magazine is going to do a feature article on our industry in an upcoming issue. We placed an full page ad in the 2013 publication and Greg Ibach has asked us to consider placing and ad in the 2014 issue. Jennifer initiated a conversation regarding the participation of the NWGGA at the State Fair. The consensus was that next year we need to reach out to them and outline our goals for the event ( message, grower involvement, in the program, etc.) Mick asked Jennifer about progress on winery visits. She will send out a report on winery visits when they are completed.

Treasurer’s Report

Wende submitted the Treasurer’s report via email. As of August 21, 2013 the NWGGA checking account balance = $ 73,421.44. Her complete report, including a copy of the 07.31.13 and 08.30.13 bank statements and statement reconciliations and the NWGGA YTD Transaction Listing as of 09.21.13, is attached to these minutes. Eric Nelson moved to approve the report, Stefan Kegley 2nd and the motion carried

2-4D committee

Members of the committee met with Senator Wallman’s committee to make sure that our strategy and message are ready for the stakeholders meeting to be conducted prior to the interim study(tentatively scheduled for October). Tom Zumpf is primary contact with the senator’s staff and at this point theparties are talking about how to mitigate the issue. The goal of the committee is to have information on risks to sensitive crops posed by 2-4D included in spring education meeting for the pesticide applicators. At this time it is not a required module in the extension agents program. It was suggested that Paul Read reach out to the extension educators.Other groups aligned with this goal include orchards, Christmas tree farmers, and bee keepers.

State Wine Festival

Jim Ballard reported that the finals details are being put in place for the agreement with Blur Parties from Lincoln. At this point Blur is working with Mahoney State Park and the projected cost to the Association should be no more than $15,000. There would be a 40/40 split of the profits with 20% being held as seed money for future festivals. The cost to the Association would be offset by sponsorships. Al asked Jim to clarify that the projected cost of $15,000 includes fees to both Blur and Mahoney. After questions from Mick regarding the dispersal of information and a budget, Jim added that they are expecting Blur to provide details, budget and a calendar at their next meeting. Al added that Blur has media partnerships and asked that we get timeline/details on promotion. Mick expressed concerns about weather for early May and asked about other dates. Jim shared that other dates were discussed and the current one was the best option.


SCORR PROPOSAL   Krystle Buntemeyer, Director of Finance from SCORR, was present to discuss the proposal for Marketing/Rebranding . A copy of this contract is included as an attachment to the minutes. Their recommendation that rebranding precede magazine development was made after the Board, following their July meeting, requested additional information from SCORR. Ms Buntemeyer went through the contract and addressed questions on assessments, billboard costs, photography for the magazine, the nature of promotional platform development, purchases of mailing lists and the possibility of a digital version of the magazine. Discussions during this presentation noted that the Passport Design and Development could be done independently from the Magazine. She noted that should we sign on with SCORR we would be assigned to an account team which would include a designer, PR specialist and others to be overseen by an account head.


Tourism let Jennifer know that there is an article coming out in Prairie Fire.


Web Site Update Growers forum will be launched late September early October. Work on website to get media questions to Jennifer. Add icons for “our Grapes”, and one for award winning wines. Mick asked about events site on the website. It is on the to do list.


Old Business



Jennifer reiterated that the NGWB grant allotted for the magazine publication is available to use as we see fit for marketing. She further reported that in October the Nebraska Dept of Tourism will open application for marketing grants focused on attracting new visitors from outside a 100-mile radius. Categories include promotion of an event, promotion of a region, and general marketing. The minimum grant amount is $2,000 with the maximum amount being $15,000. Jennifer also noted that when/if the Farm Bill is approved FDA VAP grants for marketing can be applied to as an association.


Open board seats. There still is no President Elect and Jennifer expressed concerns on regarding how to proceed once Al’s term ends. Discussion ensued but a consensus was not reached.


Trade Show/Conference/2014

Jennifer requested feedback from the Board on requests to take to Paul Read. Suggestions for speakers included Clark Smith (wine chemist), a representative from SCORR, an update on mechanization, TTB update, and information from USDA on VAP grant application


New Business


Nebraska Tourism Conference

Jennifer will have a booth there with materials and invited wineries to be in attendance and pour wine. Jennifer reported that Nebraska Brew, Wine and Art Festival had invited the Association to be a sponsor. After discussion the Board advised Jennifer to inform them that we are in the process of rebranding and that all sponsorship funds for this year have been allocated .


Other Business


Marketing Proposal

Connie Brittan moved to accept the contract for rebranding as presented by Krystle Buntemeyer of SCORR along with the proposal for Wine Passport Design and Development. Stefan Kegley2nd.   Following discussion Mick McDowell proposed that this be amended to encompass the Rebranding Contract minus the marketing plan for the magazine, with a rebid on the marketing plan to encompass their concept of an strategic 12- 36 month marketing plan based on the assessments and a review of the strategic plan. The amended motion passed. Jennifer will contact Krystle to initiate the rebidding process.


Review of Motions Passed via email

On August 19th Stefan moved to sign a contract with SCORR to develop marketing materials for the NWGGA. This motion did not include authorization for spending. Seth 2nd on August 20th and Al put the motion to a vote. The motion carried via email voting.

On August 20th Wende requested input on paying wineries $660 to reimburse them for the redemption of Winery Passport Gift Certificates that were presented past the May31st deadline. Jennifer Reeder, Seth, Jim, Stefan, Mick, Eric, Al and Connie responded that they were in favor of Wende reimbursing the wineries but that the Board needed to address a policy for this next year.


There was a motion and a second to adjourn at 12:30. The motion passed

Respectfully submitted

Connie Brittan Secretary


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