NWGGA February 9th 2014 BOD Meeting

9 am Holiday Inn I-80 York NE


Call to Order: President Al Vybiral called the meeting to order at 9:05 am. Members present Al Vybiral, Stefan Kegley, Connie Brittan, Eric Nelson, Wende Bergmeier, Jennifer Reeder, Nick Ryan, Jim Ballard, Kay Miller and Executive Director Jennifer Montgomery


Minutes: The minutes from the February meeting with Jennifer M.’s corrections, will be distributed via email. Eric moved to accept the corrected minutes. Wende 2nd and the motion passed.


Committee Reports

Executive Director

Jennifer presented a written summary on the activities of her office. Topics included the NWGGA presence at outside conferences, marketing, a trade show update, and sponsorships. A copy of this report is included as an attachment to these minutes. In a discussion on sponsorship for the Kearney Wine and Jazz Festival ( May 9 and 10), Jennifer noted that there is a change of venue to a site with more amenities and as a result there is a $300 price increase from the 2013 rate. She also noted that the Festival will allow for an increase in the number of wineries to participate. Connie motioned to have the NWGGA sponsor the 2014 Kearney Wine and Jazz Festival at a cost of $2800. Stefan 2nd and the motion passed. Stefan made a motion to pay the expenses for the Executive Director to speak at the License to Steal Wine Marketing Conference. Expenses include $150 discounted registration fee (meals included), $89 per night hotel accommodations and airfare. Jennifer Reeder 2nd and the motion carried.




Treasurer’s Report

The checking account balance is $60,191.30 with $5,380.54 in outstanding items leaving a register ending balance of $54,810.76. These figures are supported by reconciliation statements a copy of which is included in these minutes. YTD income equals $18,429.31 with expenses at $19.384.75. Items interest include 2014 membership income of $620.00, 2014 Passport fees received total of $5,000, 2014 Trade Show income of $5,825.00 and SCORR expenditures to date of $17,315.72. Wende concluded her report of reiterating the necessity of the wineries turning in Passport Coupons by June 15.Eric motioned to accept the Treasurers report. Nick 2nd and the motion carried


State Wine Festival

Jennifer Reeder reported that the committee has met monthly with Stacy from Blur. Blur is working on securing sponsorships and the advertising roll out set for April. Ticket prices have been set ($35 for individual and $65 for VIP)and the licensure process has been completed for the wineries participating. A checklist will be available to wineries prior to the conference and Stacy will be available at the conference to answer questions. Al will be helping to line up volunteers.



Jim Otto and Jennifer Montgomery have been monitoring this legislative session. A proposed amendment that would add on to a farm winery license was dropped

On a related topic Jim Ballard noted that the self distribution provision of Farm Winery law will likely be facing a challenge in future legislative sessions. A current Economic Impact Study and good relationships with the senators will be significant in countering this challenge.


Jennifer reported that senator Ken Schilz moved the Herbicide 2-4D drift legislation to interim study. Jennifer Montgomery , TomZumpfe, Bart Holmquist and Jim Otto are on the committee. The focus is to work on education and outreach in a constructive manner with opposition stakeholders. Jennifer recommended that the Association avoid participation in inflammatory tactics. Al suggested sending out a link to a balanced factual information article in Midwest Wine Press that has more moderate messaging. Jennifer is going to send out more information on this.


Legislative Dinner is set for Feb 25th. At this point 3 wineries are participating and Jennifer would like to see more.



SCORR Marketing Platform Update

This was reviewed in the Executive Directors written report. The Immediate Needs Contract (pared down from the comprehensive Next Phase Proposal ) includes Passport brochure production, banners for the NWGGA booth and assist in rolling out the new marketing platform, and official NWGGA business tools ( stationery, envelopes, business card templates. It is anticipated that the new branding and Passport will be ready in time to be presented at the upcoming annual conference. Jennifer’s recommendation to the Board is to look at comprehensive platform contract and prioritize immediate needs for the next phase that would be included in the upcoming grant proposal cycle.



Old Business


Open board seats

Eric motioned that Stefan be nominated to the fill the open position of President Elect on the current Board. Nick 2nd and the motion carried. Stefan, as President Elect, will become President at the annual conference. This leaves the positions of President Elect, Treasurer, and the 2 Board seats vacated by Nick and Mick to be filled at the time of the conference. Al reported that Kay Miller and Teresa McFarland have agreed to run for open seats. Jennifer and Wende will have a current membership list available for ballot distribution at the conference.


Proposed Bylaw Changes

The Board reviewed the proposed Bylaw changes prepared by Kay, Eric, Al Vybiral and Jennifer Montgomery. Jim Ballard made the motion to accept proposed revisions to the bylaws, pending review by an attorney, to be presented to the members for acceptance. Eric 2nd and the motion passed. The revised bylaws will be sent out to members via email initiating the 30 days notice required before tabulation of votes can be concluded. The Board thanked the members of the Bylaw committee for their excellent work on the revisions.


New Business

CPA Services

Wende reported on the proposal from Dave McNally to perform the following services for the Association: (1)Prepare the Annual 990 Return( Federal Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) for $500-$550; (2)Prepare a Compilation (a low level audit) of the treasurer’s reports providing an oversight that will ensure the reliability of the associations financial statements and fiscal responsibility. The cost for this service would be$300-$350; (3)Payroll and payroll tax preparation at a cost of $75-$100/quarter. Eric motioned the Association allot funds for to contract with Dave McNally CPA to provide these financial services. Stefan 2nd and the motion passed.


Grant Proposals for May

Jennifer requested that the board provide a prioritized list of topics/items on which to focus grant proposals for upcoming Grape and Wine Board RFPs. That list would include but not be limited to Marketing proposals based on SCORR recommendations and the Passport program, Education, Economic Impact Study, the next step in the WQA program (wine chemistry and another round of Sensory Evaluation), and sponsorship of the VitiNord Conference, Executive Director salary and benefits.


Award recipients for Annual Banquet

Stefan motioned the CJ Switzer Award for Friend of the Industry–Wayne Peterson, of Midwest Grower Supply. Eric 2nd and the motion passed.


Annual Conference

Jennifer will be meeting with the Department Head from the Agronomy and Horticulture Department, Dr. Roch Gaussoin, on Monday, Feb. 18. She requested that an ad hoc committee be formed to address issues of member discontent with the conference and come up with solutions for a more positive future direction for the conference when it moves to Omaha in 2015. Stefan motioned that the ad hoc committee be formed. Eric 2nd and the motion passed. The committee will consist of Eric, Jennifer R, Nick, and Stefan.


Other Business

Wende requested that the Association sign up for Quick Books on line at a cost of 27.98/month) so that she could have the books ready to transfer to the new treasurer in March. Eric made a motion to do so. Kay 2nd and the motion passed.


There being no other business Connie motion to adjourn. Nick 2nd and the motion passed. The Board adjourned 12:51pm.


Respectfully Submitted


Connie Brittan, Secretary



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