NWGGA April 6th 2014 BOD Meeting

NWGGA April 6th 2014 BOD Meeting                                                        9 am Best Western I-80 York NE


Call to Order: President Stefan Kegley called the meeting to order at 9:10 am. Members present: Al Vybiral, Connie Brittan, Eric Nelson, Jennifer Reeder, Nick Ryan, Jim Ballard, Kay Miller, Richard Hilske, Theresa McFarland, Eric Nelson and Executive Director Jennifer Montgomery. Max McFarland was in attendance as a visitor


Minutes: Theresa McFarland motion to accept the minutes from the February9th meeting. Al Vybiral 2nd and the motion carried.


Committee Reports

Executive Director

Jennifer M. presented a written summary on the activities of her office. A copy of this is included in the minutes of these proceedings. She noted her attendance and participation in the License to Steal Wine Marketing Conference and the Wine America/Winegrape Growers of America Wine and Grape Policy Conference . She presented a breakdown of expenditures for SCORR marketing. The association spent $32,252.36 of the $35,000 on hand earmarked for the development of a new marketing platform. She reported that the NWGGA purchased a full page ad that ran in the Agriculture and You magazine. The magazine featured a five-page full color feature on the Nebraska wine and grape industry. The $3000 cost for this ad will be reimbursed by the NWGGA marketing grant for general marketing (FY 2013-2014) . Jennifer also noted that she met with representatives from Nebraska Public Radio and reported that advertising spots can be secured for as low as $25. She suggested that we use this venue to promote consumer education on the cold climate varietals grown in the state. A Trade Show update listed the 20 vendors who participated in 2014 and further noted an income of $7,500. Jennifer reported that the Association sponsors the 2014 FFA Fruit Production-Entrepreneurship/Proficiency Award ($300) and the 2014 Kearney Wine & Jazz Festival ($2,000). NWGGA also pays $2,800 for 14 wineries to participate in the Wine and Jazz Festival. The ED report noted Jennifer’s involvement with the herbicide drift issue. She is working with Dow AgroSciences on updating the wording in the “Living Near a Vineyard” brochure . Dow has agreed to help with production costs of the new brochure. She is also working as a lead advisor on this issue of herbicide drift with the WineAmerica State Association Council.



Treasurer’s Report

Wende submitted the treasurers report via email. As of April 4th the NWGGA checking account balance is $34,513.68. Included in her report are the following attachments; 03.31.2014 bank statement and reconciliation, YTD Transaction Lisiting, Membership Income and Passport Fee Income. These attachments are included in the minutes of these proceedings. Connie Brittan motioned to approve the treasurer’s report. Jennifer Reeder 2nd and the motion passed.



State Wine Festival

Committee members Jennifer Reeder, Jim Ballard and Al Vybiral provided updates and answered questions from the Board. The committee had met with Stacy from Blur and presented the list of vendors that had been secured. Music and educational seminars have been scheduled throughout both days. 250 tickets have already been sold with a large number of them being for the VIP tent on Saturday. Al noted that volunteers are needed for the VIP tent. Rooms in the Lied Lodge and one night cabins have sold out. Two night cabin lodging is still available. Marketing by Blur has been through social media. The wineries should have gotten links to put the event on their websites. Flyers were distributed for wineries to post. There is a budget for media advertisement and Jim Ballard reported that they are attempting to secure a media sponsor/partner for radio to get value added to those dollars. Jim also noted for future reference that many clients indicated sponsorship would be more appealing if the event were attached to a charity. Wineries have received preliminary information on logistics with more to follow and the plan is to have a meeting with wineries on Friday night to go over final preparations. Jennifer indicated that there will be a trailer on site for wine storage. Electricity will be available to the winery tents. Blur is going to survey winery needs and get the requisite number of generators.



The current scope and expenditure for the SCORR marketing platform were outlined in the ED Report. Jennifer feels that the next priority for marketing would be website development. Functionality issue with the current website arose when the growers forum was initiated. The question now becomes whether to fix the existing website or construct a new one that would incorporate the new SCORR marketing platform. Theresa McFarland suggested bids be solicited for new website development. Jim Ballard further suggested that a request for funding be submitted with the upcoming Wine and Grape Board RFPs. Should funding be secured there could then be a request for bids on the project.


Old Business


Grant Proposals for May

Last year proposals were submitted for marketing( passport funding, general marketing, booth materials and web site improvement), ED salary and benefits, Education, and WQA. The proposal to fund an Economic Impact study tabled until 2014. The grant for education funded the amigo oil workshops and the OSHA walkthrough workshops, and the WQA wine faults sensory training workshops. There are unspent funds from this grant. Suggestions for the use of these funds included workshops on VAP grant application, ozone spraying, grape breeding, Agri K, enhancing the tasting room experience, yeast selection, wine and food pairing and sponsoring VitiNord speakers on some of these topics. Discussion did not lead to a consensus and it was suggested that a request be made to the Grape and Wine Board to carry these funds over so that request for funding be focused on other areas. Jim Ballard motioned that Jennifer put together and disseminate to the Board a prioritized list of items to be requested for funding in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. These proposals should include but not be limited to (1) marketing to encompass passport program, web site development and wine festival (2) ED salary and benefits (3) education with a rollover of funds from FY 2013-2014 (4) Economic Impact Study (5) next phase of WQA (5) membership fees and travel expenses associated with WineAmerica. Theresa McFarland 2nd and the motion passed.


Proposed Bylaw Changes

After discussion it was decided to table the issue until such time as the website/growers forum allows facilitated access to member input on the issue.


New Business


Time did not permit a consideration of the NWGGA Strategic Plan Review. Jennifer Reeder motioned to adjourn. Theresa McFarland 2nd and the motion passed. The Board adjourned 12:10pm.


Respectfully Submitted


Connie Brittan, Secretary




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