Minutes NWGGA. 4/3/16

In attendance
Eric Nelson, Ted Sherkirke, Clay Schutz, Jennifer Reeder, Richard Hilske, Theresa McFarland, Jim Ballard, Lori Paulsen 

The meeting was called to order at 2:06 pm on April 3, 2016 at the Lincoln Community Foundation offices in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Consent Agenda.
Jim Ballard motioned to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Seconded by Theresa McFarland.  Motion carries.

Treasurer’s Report
NWGGA insurance coverage was discussed (Business insurance, BOD/Officers insurance and worker’s comp).  Lori Paulsen will work with Rick Klamm from Heritage Insurance to review the specifics of coverage, including if any of the policies  cover for events like Toast.  Lori Paulsen will also check with Stacy Leners regarding insurance.

 The NWGGA budget runs with the Grape Board fiscal year from July 1 through June 30.  Thought there was a budget accepted for FY 2015 – 2016, it is not accurate due to incomplete information.  The membership fees along with Passport Program participation fee and exhibitor fees.  Lori Paulsen has submitted the web hosting fee to the Grape Board marketing grant.

 Clay Schutz and Lori Paulsen will be working on a budget for FY 2016-2017 as well as a line item reporting process.  They will present a budget at the May 15 NWGGA Board call.  The Grape & Wine Board will accept grant proposals by May 1, 2016 and will meet in late May to review proposals and make funding decisions.

 It was suggested and agreed that Clay Schutz head up the Governance Committee  as he is the Tresasurer. 

 There was discussion and concensus to seek a line of credit specifically to cover the Dept. of Ag payments for Grape Board projects.  All expenses for Grape Board grant projects must be paid by the NWGGA and then will be reimbursed by the Dept. of Ag in about 45 days.  Because of the nature of the grants, most payments are made in April and May. 

 Eric Nelson and Clay Schutz with the assistance of Lori Paulsen will approach Pinnacle Bank to get info on securing a line of Credit of $30,000.  Additional banks will be solicited also.

Motion was made by Theresa McFarland and second was made by Richard Hilske to authorize a Line of Credit specifically to pay NDA reimburseable expenses.  Motion carries.

 Clay Schutz suggested that Lori Paulsen put together a master calendar for Board and members to access for yearly dates and events.

 Strategic Plan:  draft form at this time.  Board approval.
JB Ballard motion to accept, Clay 2nd Motion carried.

 Ind. sustainability:
Conference:  Mtg with Paul R/Steve G.to discuss future plans
Proposal to have UNL do 2017 Conf and NWGGA do 2018.
NWGGA rebrand the. Conf.   Request funds from G/W board.

*Survey membership on needs assessment//educational conference agenda Discussion on.  Time frame 

Concerns about dropping membership/attendance
Clay/Max:  suggests asking for grant to do planning session for 2018 Conf.
Planning event would occur a.s.a.p. After needs assessment.

On agenda for May mtg:  Memorandum of Understanding between UNL/NWGGA to address expenses to organization from conference.
SCC Beatrice mtg with Lori.  Interest in doing education/field days/program.
Food science program tie in.  VESTA looking for partner in NE.
Jim B proposed coming up with big ideas of what we would like in terms of program.

 Committee assignments:
Grape wine board grants:
$10.000 Education grant-Max will call Casey to see about extension.
Board review of ED Salary/review

 Grant Priorities:
Conference planning session 2016/17               $7000
        passports: 10,000
Toast 2017: 30,000
Festival sponsorships:  5000
Wine QA:  7600
Northern grape project:  2000 (Ne member on board)
Operating costs:

Motion to Ex Session
Teresa, Richard 2nd

Exec director Salary:
Jim B motion:  3% salary increase, insurance stays the same, Clay 2nd , approved

Association pays LEAD enrollment fee (1250 per yr). Teresa motion, Ted 2nd, approved

 Evaluation:  Richard motion:  Jim B and Eric conduct review for 2015/16.  And provide goals for coming year.
2nd Teresa, approved.

Clay moves we leave exc. session and convene regular section. 2nd Richard

Motion to approve grant proposals and priorities as listed.  Teresa, Jim 2nd.


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