NWGGA Board of Directors Conference Call Sunday October 30 th 2106, 7pm

Members  Participating:  Eric Nelson,  Nick Ryan, John Siebert, Richard Hilske, Eric Nelson, Teresa McFarland, Ted Shikirke, Jennifer Reeder,  Connie Brittan , and ED Lori Paulson  ( Jim, Josh, Clay unable )

The meeting was called to address 2 issues of concern. The first of these being to reconsider the approved changes to the 2017 Passport Program.  Eric noted that there are 5 Tasting rooms that are growers ( Red Path Gallery ) and participating in check off program.   Eric then asked the Board to consider placing on the passport program those Tasting  Rooms  that offer 100% Nebraska wines. John motioned to postpone any changes to the program until 2017. There was not a 2nd.  Richard motioned that the passport program be converted to a map/promotional document.  Jennifer 2nd.  Following discussion Richard withdrew this motion.  John motioned that the 2017 Passport program retain the current qualifications for both Tasting Rooms and Wineries with the fee for participation being $300 with no wine bucks or prizes being offered.  There was not a 2nd.   After extensive discussion  Eric asked again for a motion to adjust or make changes to the program approved at the last meeting. There were none so the board moved on to discuss toast.

Lori recapped the current state of negotiations with BLUR.  NWGGA has asked for $500 for tastings, no cost for booth, volunteers or parking.  Blur’s offer was detailed in a proposal that Lori has emailed to the Board.  ( I can include this email as an attachment ?). Lori further noted that the intention of BLUR  is not to partner with NWGGA but make decisions on the festival and offer to include Nebraska wineries.  The question on the table is for the BOARD to decided if, given what has been offered by BLUR,  does the NWGGA want to proceed with letting Blur use the TOAST NEBRASKA name for a spring wine festival.  Richard motioned that the Board direct Lori to contact BLUR  to respectfully decline the offer to participate  with them  in a wine festival and that NWGG will be retaining the TOAST  NEBRASKA   for use at future wine festivals approved by the NWGGA Board. Nick 2nd .  Motion passed unanimously.

Theresa motioned to adjourn, Connie  2nd and the meeting adjourned at 8:20


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