The NWGGA Board of Directors conference call, Sunday, December 12, 2016 at 7:00

The NWGGA Board of Directors met via conference call on Sunday, December 12, 2016 at 7:00.
Those present included Jennifer Reeder, Eric Nelson, John Siebert, Clay Schutz, Richard Hilske, Ted Schekirke, Theresa McFarland, Nick Ryan, and Lori Paulsen.

A motion was made by Nick Ryan to allow Blur Parties the use of the Toast Nebraska name for the 2017 event based on the proposal submitted by Blur Parties with the stipulation of beer samples only, and a written contract  to be executed by Jan 1, 2017.  Second by John Siebert

Discussion and instructions to Lori and Eric in regards to creating a contract that includes listing all of the items from the proposal, the clarification on beer samples, the requirement of Blur Parties to have liability insurance and the waiver of liability by the NWGGA and wineries, the requirement of the Blur Parties to be server trained or be trained in checking IDs, as well as requirements of ticket count reports.  This contract needs to be signed by both Blur Parties and the Association by Jan. 1st.  if it is not executited by that date, Blur Parties will not be granted use of the Toast Nebraska name.

Motion Passes.  Votes include:  Jennifer Reeder, Yes; Eric Nelson, not voting; Clay Schutz, No; Richard Hilske, abstain; Red Schekirke, yes; Theresa McFarland, no; Nick Ryan, yes; John Siebert, yes.

Moved by Clay Schutz and second by Richard Hilske to adjourn.  Motion passes.  8:04 pm


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