Nebraska Wines

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There are new wines and new tastes to discover in Nebraska, and you’ve come to the right place to get started.

The best way to discover everything Nebraska has to offer wine lovers is to grab yourself a Passport, hop in your car and head off on an adventure of discovery. As you collect stamps, you’ll be eligible for Nebraska Wine Bucks and other prizes, and you’re sure to discover some great wines and beautiful countryside.

Some of the best wineries in the Midwest are located right here in Nebraska. Here are descriptions and directions to our members to help you find just the experience you’re looking for.

If you think Nebraska wines aren’t among the best the country has to offer, think again. Here’s a guide to Nebraska grapes, and here are some award-winning wines made with those grapes that are putting Nebraska on the map. And if you’re not sure about proper wine terminology, check out our wine glossary or get a short course in proper wine etiquette from wine 101.

Part of the wine industry? Interested in Nebraska wines? You can learn a lot from our industry resources links but you can learn a lot more — and get a lot more out of your grape or wine experience — if you become a member of the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association. Find out how you can play a role in growing our industry and take away valuable relationships and other resources as a part of our growing organization.




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